Abdul-Rahaman Haruna also known in the showbiz industry in Tamale as Baron De Jarule has served as a member of the Northern Music Awards over the years. He has contributed his brain-worth in organising two successful events of the NMA. The Northern Music Awards is being organised by an event management company in Tamale called Northern Vision Events (NVE) which is led by their CEO Mr. Rafik Iddrisu aka Grandpapa.

Information from a trusted source reveals that Mr. Abdul-Rahaman Haruna (Jarule) has tendered in his resignation or about doing so today. In a letter sighted by hyperlinkgh.com, dated 24th August, 2017, Mr. Abdul-Rahaman Haruna (Jarule) said “Please accept this notice of resignation to become effective August, 2017”. He further thanked the entire Northern Music Awards board for the opportunity granted him to learn and grow during the period he served as a member. The letter was addressed to the Chief Executive Officer of Northern Music Awards, Tamale.

Speaking to Mr. Abdul-Rahaman Haruna (Jarule), he confirmed the letter of resignation but however said his reasons are personal. Further investigations was made to find out what could have lead to the resignation of Jarule. A trusted pal of the CEO spoke to us on condition of anonimity. The trusted pal feels the resignation of Jarule could have been as a results of the inability of the CEO to come clear on issues regarding his financial status vis-a-vis financing the event. He said it is possible the CEO, who is the sole financier of the event is “cash-trapped” at the moment.

The contact number of Jarule is hidden by hyperlinkgh.com for security reasons.

What is the future of this great initiative? hyperlinkgh.com will be following this issue closely.






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  1. I have waited these thing not today,baron affiliated his energy to some of the artists in tamale here more especially fancy gadam.and we all know that been part of such event make u neutral in the industry but not to pick a side to promote one artists.not ones but almost everyday he do talk about him even sleeping in the night. To me I think this should be the reasons of number of complaints to the other fans side or other artists. Baron is the p.r.o of parara entertainment and he can also do what ever he will do to support him or manipulate some figars to that particular art. So his resigned is the best because he can’t control him self of defending that artists even doing wrong he still defense, I remember when fancy was bell to perform double t show and he did not appears in that very night and apologized.and the next day baron bwas defending him in all way for people to see fancy right and so many other issues.

  2. I did not see any thing wrong with jarul’s resignation,to many who always targ him to a side are the half thinking people.If i may ask;what about the promotions he did for dobble tee and maccasio recently?,is he part of the boss farmily or the 69?(aaahyi).
    So don’t judge him it is his personal reasons.

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