Talent and wisdom they say is not a reserve for only one person. Born Iddrisu Sulemana but grown to be the flower of the entertainment industry in Ghana. Flawa Gaskia as he is called in the showbiz industry has taken the country by storm by releasing an award winning banger titled “Your Time”.

The song is a motivational song that encourages people to remain focus in their line of activities because it is their time and nobody can stop their shine, he said. Flawa Gaskia exhibited why he is the next big musician in Northern Ghana and demonstrated his control over blending the English language with his native language Dagbani.

The song is produced by Dr. Fiza, one of the creative sound engineers in Tamale. Flawa Gaskia is one of the musicians from a music camp in Tamale called Zolahood. He is the leader of the Gaskia Movement, a music fans group geared towards supporting Flawa Gaskia’s creative talent.

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