Information reaching hyperlinkgh.com indicates the CEO of Marisky Entertainment Alhassan Mariam allegedly attacked one presenter of Amana Radio called DJ Mise on October 2, 2017.

Our source reveals that Alhassan Mariam also known as Marisky stormed the premises of the newly opened radio station with about five other people to attack the presenter but met his absence. Further investigation reveals that the CEO of Marisky Entertainment and her team went there because they (Marisky Entertainment) received a call suggesting that DJ Mise was on air insulting them. A situation DJ Mise denied during our conversation with him. DJ Mise said he didn’t insult the CEO of Marisky Entertainment. He added that he has a recorded version of the programme.

CEO of Marisky Entertainment, Alhassan Mariam has however denied attacking Amana Radio and the presenter. She said she only went there with her team to lodge a complaint to the management.

DJ Mise said he rather promoted IsRahim’s songs alone for over one hour in his programme just to support the artiste and Marisky Entertainment and didn’t expect such treatment from the camp of Marisky Entertainment. He however added that, one caller rather attacked the management of Marisky Entertainment for poorly handling the talented artiste. A situation that did not go well with the management of IsRahim hence their action.

Information also has it that the CEO of Amana Radio apologised on behalf of DJ Mise and further instructed the presenter to do same on-air today of which he unsatisfactorily did according to Marisky Entertainment.

Speaking to both the CEO and DJ Mise suggest there is already a bad blood between the two over a mistake Alhassan Mariam did sometime back which she was mocked at by DJ Mise.

The news team of hyperlinkgh.com could not reach IsRahim via phone to confirm if he was part of the promotional plan mentioned by DJ Mise. However, a source close to the radio station said the presenters of Amana Radio resolved not to play any song from IsRahim. We are closely monitoring the events and will bring you up to speed.

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