There is no doubt that fancy Gadam is the only artist who stands tall among his peers from the north to the south ,east to the west to win most of this years awards if and only if there would be justice to the awards scheme .there was rumors that the new artist he won was a protocol or bought award and even ppl from his own home town doubted his abilities of winning it but he did tremendously well in beating his co competitors. He has done so many things this year and not even the big guys in the lime light can dare..

Things u should know about fancy Gadam and why he deserved to be the boss of that faithful night …

Fancy Gadam own commercial shows

  • The Mujahid album launch
  • Gadam nation tour in kumasi
  • Gadam nation X #Sark_Nation
  • Gadam nation in Bukum Boxing Arena and all this shows were successful

Fancy Gadam northern region tours

Buipe, Kumbungu, Bole, Daboya, Yendi, Gushegu, Walewale, Bolga Etc

Big stages Fancy Gadam performed

  • December 2 remember
  • S concert
  • Zongo fest
  • African Voices for Palestine Concert
  • People celebrate awards

Awards / honored and Ambassadorial deals

  • Vgma new artist of the year
  • People celebrity award ( best song and best video)
  • Honored by the Palestinian President
  • Face of Zongo
  • Tourism Ambassador

Songs released

  • Trust in me
  • Mogmi noli ft medikal
  • Total cheat ft Sarkodie
  • Customer ft Patoranking
  • The Mujahid album which includes a whole lot songs

Now use your own conscience to judge who deserved to be the artist of the year

Written by: Baron De Jarule



  1. U might have a sense of taught and love for Fancy Gadam but u fail to tell us what his compatriots couldn’t do or fail to do that probably could cause them to fail the honour of that faithful night. U will only be Fair in your analysis if only u can provide us with a level playing ground analysis to back your claim.

    Also to say that some section of the northern populace who are music loving funs were not in support of Fancy Gadam and therefore doubt his credibility of winning last year discovery is not fair. Is a lie put out purposely to gain attention or fame. In fact, the comment is bellow the belt. Kindly come out with facts to back your claim. I am a music loving fan and a Northerner who would want to support every musician in the northern corridor but not in this direction of yours.

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